CS-500: Bayesian Reinforcement Learning

Rutgers University
Fall 2008
Michael L. Littman, Carlos Diuk, Chris Mansley

Time: Tuesday 12:00PM-1:30PM
Place: Hill 482
Semester: Fall 2008
Course Number: 16:198:500:03
Index Number: 07899


The purpose of this seminar is to meet weekly and discuss research papers in Bayesian machine learning, with a special focus on reinforcement learning (RL). We will focus on three types of papers. The first type will consist of recent work that provides a good background on Bayesian methods as applied in machine learning: Dirichlet and Gaussian processes, infinite HMMs, hierarchical Bayesian models, etc. The second type of papers will consist of applications of Bayesian methods specifically to RL. The third type will involve work on Bayesian models in the intersections of computer and cognitive science. It will be assumed that participants have been exposed to basic concepts in reinforcement learning. All enrolled students will be expected to lead at least one discussion.

Meeting Schedule

Paper Bank

Please contact Carlos Diuk (cdiuk@cs.rutgers.edu) with any questions.