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Items Recieved

Airk Stout and Bitter Paladin Melee/Tank Ally 46
Andal Maelstrom Mage Ranged Ally -95.5
Ashandel Obliv Warrior Tank/Melee Recruit 54.5
Ashleah Obliv Paladin Healer Recruit 46
Ashtyn Mage Ranged Ally 46
Cereino Dark Auspices Druid Healer Ally -57.5
Cerelia Obliv Priest Healer Recruit 100.5
Deathsshadow Obliv Rogue Melee Recruit 46.5
Dimitrixx Obliv Rogue Melee Recruit -129.5
Feklhr Stout and Bitter Warlock Ranged Ally 46
Galldora The Red Pentagram Mage Ranged Ally -29.5
Hally Shadow Hand Rogue Melee Ally 54.5
Hambert Obliv Rogue Melee Recruit -286
Hendral Obliv Warrior Tank/Melee Recruit -55.5
Itto The Red Pentagram Hunter Ranged Ally -26
Kassarin The Revenant Paladin Healer Ally 54.5
Kotestsu Obliv Paladin Healer Recruit -59.5
Kyna Stout and Bitter Priest Healer Ally -34
Leese Obliv Warlock Nuke Lieutenant 100.5
Osirix The Red Pentagram Warrior Tank Ally 100.5
Prole Obliv Rogue Melee Recruit -33.5
Raleigh Paladin Healer Ally 8
Skagozeh Maelstrom Mage Ranged Ally 8
Solune Obliv Druid Melee/Healer Recruit 54
Spikes Obliv Rogue Melee Captain 46
Taylin Obliv Warlock Nuke Captain 20.5
Trinitie The Red Pentagram Priest Healer Ally 100.5
Ture Obliv Warrior Tank/Melee Commander 20.5
Vindec Obliv Warrior Melee/Tank Recruit -79.5
Xilften Serenity Mage Ranged Ally -33.5
Xolus Obliv Hunter Ranged Recruit -33.5