Port: 2323

Problem File Time Limit
bw-nc-5-13 seconds
bw-nc-5-23 seconds
bw-nc-5-33 seconds
bw-nc-5-43 seconds
bw-nc-5-53 seconds
bw-nc-25-110 seconds
bw-nc-25-210 seconds
bw-nc-25-310 seconds
bw-nc-25-410 seconds
bw-nc-25-510 seconds
bw-nc-125-1250 seconds
bw-nc-125-2250 seconds
bw-nc-125-3250 seconds
bw-nc-125-4250 seconds
bw-nc-125-5250 seconds
BW-C-1010 seconds
file-prob5 seconds
coffee105 seconds
sand-castle3 seconds

Please let me know via the listserv if something is not working.

NB if you are using the c++ client distributed with mdpsim as a base for your program, be sure to change the specified name from "johnclient" to your email address.

John -