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2005 Teacher/Scholar Award
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Research. Quick links:

Reid Prize article in SIAM News, July 2001; Hendrik Bode Prize at 2002 IEEE CDC (Bode Talk slides with narrative); 2002 Rutgers' Trustees Award announcement; 2005 Teacher/Scholar Award

Teaching. Quick links: Mathematical Foundations of Systems Biology 642:613 (Fall 07), Discrete and Probabilistic Models in Biology 640:338 (Spring 08) Mathematics as Biology's New Microscope (Honors Seminar) (Spring 07), 336: Dynamical Models in Biology (formerly called Diff Eqs in Biology) (Fall 06), 577: Introduction to Control Systems Theory (Fall 06), 252: Elementary Differential Equations (Spring 06), 338: Discrete and Probabilistic Models in Biology (Spring 05), 613: Math in Physiology and Medicine (Fall 03)

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Favorite web sites (lots of useful general links)

BioMaPS Institute and Graduate Program

BioMathematics Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Major

MCSS journal

Mathematical Control Theory book (online copy available)

Notes on Mathematical Biology

SYCON (Control Center)

Internships page for RU math grad students

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