File space usage on /filer/tmp

/filer/tmp was replaced by to new, larger filesystems on March 3, 2011.

/filer/tmp1, a 6TB filesystem, is available for users on the faculty and research clusters.

/filer/tmp2, a 3TB filesystem, is available for users on the faculty, research, grad and ilab clusters.

This space is for temporary storage only. While the filesystem is raided and should be extremely reliable, it is not backed up. If you delete a file, it's gone.

There are no disk usage quotas on these filesystems. Everyone is on the honor system not to abuse the space there or fill the disks so no one else can get any work done. Should either filesystem fill or get dangerously near filling, we reserve the right to delete any files there to free up space.

Approximately once a semester, all files on these filesystems will be removed. If this causes problems for you, perhaps you are not using this space as intended.

This page last updated March 30, 2011.